May 8, 2012


I sewed new miniature bear. I used to use a paper pattern for bear on the market and arranged it, but recently I have made pattern by myself. :) To bear I made has my characteristic, bend their knees a little. Common bear's knees almost don't bend, I guess.

It like a energetic! This pose like play twister game or running. lol

This is testing bear. 

I made slender bear, but this bear's head is big. lol It's unbalance his head and body. but I guess it's cute.

I made other one, smaller head. I used cloth made in Germany, I like this color. It like a antique bear. This cloth was very difficult to make bear, I guess this is to advanced. It was  very early to me. (^_^;)


Lena said...

Adorable little teddies!


otterine said...

They are both beautiful! :D

miniacollection said...

How cute they are!

Plushpussycat said...

I love your bears! I wish I could figure out how to buy one! :-( Jennifer

JohannaMaria said...

Oh my goodness, I love both of your teddybears! :) They are sooo cute!


Fabiola said...

Bye Faby

tomohachi said...

Thank you for looking my bears. :)

mijbil said...

Both super cute (and so tiny!) :) Love them!

Quetzalli said...

hi! I'm a really big fan of your miniatures. I especially love the cuteness or your minis. I was wondering if you had a etsy page or somewhere you sell your creations online because I would love to buy your mini bears sometime.