Jul 23, 2012

Miniature show

About one week ago, I participated to big miniature show.

This is my booth. I thought it's better display than last year. But I should study to make beautiful display. hehehe

Show had two days, those days were very hot temperature. I don't like hot :-( , so I couldn't move smooth. I had prepared to my booth with too much sweat till open. This time I was busy, I noticed I didn't turn the light on my dollhouse. I looked at my dollhouse, pretty tiny bear visited to my dollhouse! hahaha! He is my friend's bear, she put on there. I laughed so much. :D I wanted to put on here for two days, but she need this bear to her work, so I backed to her.     

I made a dollhouse to this exhibition. The theme is.... fantasy apiary. :D
A lot of honey bottles...

A signboard...

This dollhouse has a story, "Today is honey festival. An proprietress of apiary is very busy to make food to festival.". :D


Beautiful shiny bottles...

Honeybee's home -fantasy honeycomb- :)

I will posted more photos on flickr a few days later.  

Some dealer from overseas, Taiwan, Korea, USA and Euro also participated in this show. A German woman were near my booth, she was very good person. :)) I talked with her a little in English. She listened carefully to my accent English and  I asked her the spell, when I can't understand some word. Then she wrote spell on the paper with gladly. I was very happy. :))  And I was very sorry, because sometimes I couldn't understand her English by my poor ability to listening comprehension of English. (^_^;A  

I take a rest and I will start to make miniature works again. :) 


anna said...

your honey scene is wonderful!! i love your reports..it is so exciting and interesting to read from you!!! Don't worry about your English..i think you are just fine!! ( and the english-speaking people must also think: do they speak japanese????? ) sending many greetings, Anne

Plushpussycat said...

Your Honeybee's home is fantastic, as are all of your projects. The honey looks so realistic and tasty. Yes, I might be able to speak only one word in Japanese if I tried. I am so grateful that you can share with me in English--thank you! xo Jennifer

Eva - tatalamaru said...

That most beautiful work. Honey looks so real, I like!.
My English is not good, so I use the google translator.
Thank you for teaching their creations.

Maria Ireland said...

Wow I love your honeybee's home. The honey looks so real. Your work is amazing. I love the little sign its gorgeous.
Hugs Maria

Fabiola said...

Wow!! I like your honeybee's home and the sign is fantastic.
Bye Faby

miniacollection said...

Beautiful things on your table!

tomohachi said...

Thank you so much for reading my report! :)) I like honey bottle so much, too. :)

Thank you for your glad comment to my English! :)

I am happy that I can share in English, too. :)

I use the google translator too sometimes. :) But unfortunately, it don't to do good work from foreign language to Japanese. :,-( Therefore I always need an electronic dictionary. :D

Japanese people had learnt English for 6 years in junior high school and high school, but almost people can't speak and read English. X( Why we can't understand English. Because Japanese English education system has problem. School don't teach practical English to students, make just memorize word and grammar to studying for an examination and hardly conversation practice. Besides almost Japanese teachers can not English conversation, they can only reading and writing. So... their English pronunciation is Japanese. lol We learn that. (-_-;

And... why Japanese People can't speak English, because we live in small island country and have peculiar culture and language. We can live without English. hehehe But I guess Japanese people like learn foreign language, we have interest foreign culture and admiration to overseas. People learn earnest first time, but they stop learn little by little. Because there are some reasons, lose interest, can't memorize very well and don't have an opportunity to conversation etc.

Steinworks said...

I love your Honey shop and your english is great :)


ANDA said...

Bear's paradise! :)

Craftland said...

This scene looks so beautiful. The details are wonderful.
Hugs from Craftland