Nov 29, 2012


Done Christmas miniature works! :))

Rabbit boy in Holy night.

There is LED inside a lampshade of toadstool, change a few colors. I love Santa Craus's boots and tiny cap on the left side of logo.  

He seems "I'm nervous when take photos."

With special big muffin to Christmas. :D

He is about 5.4 cm tall.

Simple Christmas scene. I made miniature berries cake that I referred to a catalog.

"How many characters are inside me?" ha-ha-ha

It seems warming boots. :)

I made a decayed leather shoe other day. This is continuation. I put plant on the shoe. What kind of plant is this? I don't know. hehehe :P  

Young leaves appear from a tip of shoe.

 If something decay, it will revival to change the figure again...

uhmmm~, I'm sorry, I want to write philosophically or poet, but I can't writing well like that in English. (T_T)


Eliana said...

Gorgeous minis! I already feel on Christmas Eve!

Beatriz Fernández said...

Es muy hermoso tu trabajo. Felicidades!!

Sans! said...

Your work is poetry enough, Tomohachi! Your Xmas pieces are adorable but that old boot stole my heart !

Fabiola said...

Wonderful work! I like the plant on the shoe.
Bye Faby

Mona said...

Everything is cute and fun, love the rabbit!

Maria Ireland said...

Beautiful sweet scenes. Everything is gorgeous. The shoe is fantastic.
Hugs Maria

mcddiss said...

un trabajo muy bonito



miniacollection said...

Beautiful work, asweet Christmas atmosphere!

Jackie said...

Too cute for words! :) Spectacular!


Ncesz Amalia said...

Thats really nice..

Dakota said...

Wow!!! great work!!!


tomohachi said...

Thank you so much! Muchisimas gracias! :))

I love shoe too. :D