Jan 25, 2013

Miniature teddy bears and radio

I have made miniature teddy bears. I will make some bears.

They are shorter than other bears I made in the past. Left side bear's mouth is awry.... This bear will be just exhibit.

Bear in the center is about 5.5cm, newcomers are about 4.5cm.

I made miniature radio like a nostalgic.

Nostalgic music coming from the radio?


Plushpussycat said...

Totally adorable! I love your blog, the teddy bears, and the radio! xo Jennifer

Anna said...

beautiful and so cute your little bears!!! you must have "magic hands"!!! :) the radio is great ,too!!!

Fabiola said...

Your Teddy Bears are adorable!
I like the radio.
Bye Faby

Candy said...

I love the Teddy Bears and the radio! :) I love your blog:)
Hugs, Candy:)

elis said...

Lovely bears. I loved the radio.

Rosethé said...

ces petits ours sont adorables ! La radio est réussie.

tomohachi said...

Thank you everyone! I am always very glad your comments. :)))