Sep 2, 2013

Walk Tokyo

I went to Meiji Jingu Shrine. Meiji Jingu is in near Harajuku, fashion city, in Tokyo. I arrived in the evening. I don't have enough time to see Shrine. So I just went to Meiji Jingu Garden. But I don't have enough time to walk in the garden, because this garden close at 5:00. I entered at 4:20. ^_^;  

The enter of Meiji Jingu. There are some big tori (a gateway of Shinto shrine).

There are million of trees. I felt cool. :)

You can see three family crest.  This is the Japanese Imperial Household's crest. It's chrysanthemum.  

I entered Meiji garden. I seem in the forest in the mountain. Unbelievable! I didn't think I am in city.

This is a tea house.

I found a green acorn. :) It's beautiful state. I saw a green acorn for the first time.

This pond is not clear.... It's muddy water.

This place is an iris garden. Not iris season now.

This is a small arbor.

I went out from the garden. I found interest buildings. :D This is a public lavatory. Japanese old building style.

A roof of public telephone is a design of roof of shrine. This is very interesting to Japanese people. :D


Plushpussycat said...

Thank you for the beautiful tour! This reminds of the years I spent living in Taiwan. The garden is very clean and beautiful. I can feel how cool and refreshing it feels in the trees! xo Jennifer

tomohachi said...

Hi! Jennifer. :) Thank you for your comment. :)) The trees make us refresh and it's better with comfortable wind. :)