Nov 28, 2013

Miniature cookies, bears, bag etc.

I made miniature ginger cookies by air dry clay. The design is socks and boots. I guess the texture and the looks are good. :)

And I put icing on the cookies. It's simple style.

Sponge cakes too.

Some cookies are on the big tree icing cookie in the miniature world. :D

This is hand bell. I had a plan that I put on the board, but there is enough space.... So I decided to hung on the wall.  

Above miniatures gather and done! That's Christmas image. 

OK, next! I have thought and tried new face miniature teddy bear. This is a trial. Bear's eyes are my handmade, because this type eyes with iris and pupil are not sold in the shop etc. besides it's very small. So I have to make by myself.
I understood how improve.

The second trial. Good! It's better! It will be like a Wolverine, X-MEN, if ruffled teddy bear's hair. hahaha

This is other pattern I made. It seems urchin face. :D

I made other miniatures. :) This is a suitcase, it can't open and close.

And this bag too.

Today's last one photo. I have some idea to make new dollhouse now. The theme is...Pie! I started to that little by little. 


mcddiss said...

me encantan los ositos , son una monada



anna said...

again you made so lovely minis! Congratulations! Most of all i love the little bears! You are VERY VERY good with the bears!! :) The christmas setting is beautiful! Many greetings from faraway! Anne

Plushpussycat said...

Gorgeous, special minis, tomohachi! I love coming to your blog and seeing your latest masterpieces. Your tiny teddy bears are darling! xo Jennifer

tomohachi said...

Thank you always. Siempre gracias. :))
I have a lot of idea to make miniatures and teddy bears and there are very wonderful works in my head. But it's difficult to realization, because my technique is still green to realize. sigh...