Mar 24, 2014

Miniature food

I use a pizza delivery service sometimes. I like "smile fried potatoes" very much.  I order this menu with pizza surely. Actually not smile. That's terrible faces.  These are real smile fried potatoes.

I made miniature smile fried potatoes by clay. Potatoes I made are smile!

Done, a set hamburg steak and fried prawn.

And pizza. I heard pizza in Euro and USA are very big, and sell a piece of pizza in the pizza shop. It not sell a piece of pizza in Japan.  

Pound cake and tiny leaf cookie. :-9

Hot dog. :-9 :-9

Well.... I don't know this sweets name. This sweets is existing since old in Japan, I guess. Recently not see it.  Whipped cream in the hot dog's bread and decorated cherry. 
I made this sweets but in fact... I don't like whipped cream. 

 Tiny toadstool icing cookies.

Cup cakes. I don't squeeze whipped cream (of course clay) on the cup cake directly. Because I fail 100%, so I make cream separate. After dried, put on the cup cake. 

Apples. This is European type to me. Japanese apples are not deeply red. 
Snow white will eat this apple, I wonder. 

Soft ice cream container. :) I made this emphasis on design, so inside is small.


Mi mundo de miniatura said...

Qué preciosidad de trabajos!! me encantan las patatas sonrisas, aquí no hay, y todo lo demás, la pizza, perrito, es genial!! Un abrazo.

Angels said...

Son una maravilla, tan bien acabados!

Steinworks said...

in America we call them split cream donuts..the UK calls them fingers split with cream..they both taste about the same though

Plushpussycat said...

I love seeing your beautiful works, tomohachi! Thank you so much for sharing. Everything looks delicious to me! xo Jennifer

PILAR6373 said...

Que gran trabajo!!! se ve todo tan real y delicioso!!!!!

Alice said...

Wow!! Really beautiful work~ The texture on all the foods is amazing. ^^ I really like this post! Lots of cute creations!! The smile potatoes platter is my favourite. And yes, you are correct...often pizza slices are sold, very common for lunch time at school and such ^^

tomohachi said...

Mi mundo de miniatura
Muchas gracias! Las patatas sonrisas son comico diseño, pero el sabor es normal patatas. haha

Muchas gracias por su comentario! Estoy muy contenta!

Thank you for your information! Oh! it’s interesting, include “split” in the sentence. :O I guess the case of Japanese, call “cream sandwich”. In spoken language “cream sand”. We abbreviate “wich”.

Hi! Jennifer. Thank you as always! I’m glad for your comment! :))

Muchas gracias! Estoy muy contenta!

Thank you for your comment. ^ ^ I’m very happy! And I heard that the pizza taste is very delicious too! :-9

Michelle said...

Those little pound cakes look so real!

Juani said...

Felicidades por tus trabajos, son maravillosos y por eso me he hehco seguidora de tu blog, un abrazo.

nhu's kitchen said...

what brand of clay did you use to make the fried potato cake? It is so well textured :) . I love all of your creations, i'm especially impressed with the ceramic-like containers you've made!!!