Apr 29, 2014

Antique cash register etc.

This post is the second time today. :-)

I made miniature antique cash register. I looked for a model of antique cash register to make miniature register on the web. There are a lot of register. I could not decide just one, so I made it my imagination.

Ornaments on the wall.

Tea and coffee packages. I draw illustration with the image of Scandinavian design a little bit. I draw simple but modern.
By the way, Scandinavian design's furniture and interior decorations are popular now in Japan. :-)

I put the label on the canned. I used miniature cherry pie I made photo.

Simple set. Cutting board, wooden spoon, cafe au lait bowl and cinnamon roll.

I use pins on the handle of cutting board. I guess it seems real. 

Containers. They have soft ice cream hat. :D


PILAR6373 said...

Que bonitas minis has hecho!!! La caja registradora me encanta!!

Eliana said...

Amazing miniatures!
The antique cash register is wonderful!

Sonja said...

Your cash machine looks great!

Anonymous said...

ooooh it's so amazing besos

miniacollection said...

Great miniatures and I really love your wall ornaments.

Fabiola said...

Beautiful minis. The containers are ver funny.

Mini Addictions said...

Amazing minis. I love your style...so clean and sleek but yet they have so much detail.
-Lisa :-)

Steinworks said...

those are so cute, I love your cash register :)

Plushpussycat said...

Everything you make is so cute!!! I especially love your mini cans of cherry filling. Too cute! xo Jennifer

tomohachi said...

Thank you for commenting. :)) I like the design of the Western antique machines. It's very artistic. And the design of the Western label is very cool! I love it.