Apr 21, 2009

mixing bowl

I made a mold of the miniature bowl.

I tried to make a miniature container transparent. I'm going to make the design of globe. There are some reason to make a globe, I make the one side of the body of the container. And I prepare two this copies and I glue each other. I tried to this method first time. I am nervous~!

First, I made a one side of the body by stone clay. (photo left side) I checked to the shape of globe by the Photoshop Elements.(photo right side) This time, no problem. Hu~.

I made the throat on the container. It's like a pumpkin.

This is important for. I hollowed out this to thin by chisel and wood router. Oh, the thickness of under left side and right side are different. But...no problem! Let's go to next!

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