Apr 9, 2009

The dishes

I love to collect the dishes. I buy those when I found my favorite design in the shop. The cupboard of my house is full! What should I do~?! But I bought new cute simple dishes. (^_^;) Each dishes are about 150 yen. It's cheap! Besides cute and simple.
There are logo "petit cadeau" on the dish in French. I knew the meaning of "petit" is "little", but I don't know "cadeau". Then I thought "Maybe, not a strange meaning".
In Japan, many logos or sentence are written in foreign language (mainly English or French etc.) to the clothing, stationery, shop's name and various goods etc.. The most of Japanese don't understand foreign language.
Few month ago, I saw a young women wearing pants that was written dirty words in her hip in English.(o_o) I don't know whether she understands the meaning.
So, sometime I look up an unfamiliar word when I have enough time. Incidentally, "cadeau" is "gift". So, the meaning of "petit cadeau" is "little gift". The little gift...... This time I paid out of my pocket.(-_-)

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