Mar 9, 2010

in the clear case

I wrapped my miniature works one by one in the clear paper, and put on the display board by both sides tape, and put on the paper mat, and put in the clear case! I felt that I'm be crazy. 0~:P I did these wrapping works by my mind. Because I don't want to glue the miniatures on the board. I hope that the customer display by themselves with enjoyment.

Well, I take part in the domestic exhibition with trust. I don't go to the place of exhibition. I just send my works. I also have to prepare the mat that decided size for put the miniatures. This is my area. I put my works on the mat tentatively. Wow wow wow! Closely!

I have to put the price and explanation on the clear case, now. I'm going to open all my mini works a few days later. Please waiting for that. :D

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