Mar 7, 2010


Last year, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts opened in Japan. At first, it had a long line that waiting about one hour to buy doughnuts! Unbelievable! It's crazy! Now, it have a short line, so, I could buy that with ease. I eat for the first time.

Ungh~ ungh~ ungh~ What a tooooooooo sweet!!! I trembled with strong sweetness. :-( I ate Korean food to refresh. I prefer keep from sweetness. But dough is good that soft. I think it's be good, if it is keep from sweetness. Well, I guess it's difficult that to sale for long time with this sweetness in Japan, mutter.... Because our Japanese sweets culture has delicate sweetness. I guess this doughnuts is strong sweet to us. Oh, of course, there is Japanese who loves this sweetness, too.

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