Dec 21, 2010

About clay

I tried another air dry clay "Modena", this clay is be strong and water-resistance after dry. It would be good to make charm. Today, I report about clays of Modena and Grace (I usually use this clay), and compare with this two clays and Fimo soft.

Well, this photo is before put color in clays. People reading my blog would know about Fimo soft well than me, so I don't write detailed about it.
It couldn't show well in this photo, Modena is a little translucent, and Grace is a little white before put color in clay, and Grace is stretch and very soft than Modena. Modena is a little bit hard, but it's so soft more than Fimo soft. And twisted, Grace has twisted mark clearly but Modena hardly has mark. When make a shape, it can make easily Fimo soft, next easy make shape Modena and Grace.

I made miniature Stollen by using each clay one by one. (not used technique of copy this time.) Oh, it is different color only Fimo, but never mind. :P (this is for painting to test) Air dry clay have a characteristic of shrink about 10% after dry. I made same size each other when I started make those. Two stollen of air dry clay after dried was be a little small than stollen of Fimo soft. This photo is before put color on Stollen.  I guess Grace has characteristic of swell a little bit, so stollen of Grace looks like softly. But the texture of Modena and Grace are not different.
I guess Fimo soft is best that to make detailed texture (like a sand) on the surface. 

After put color. Stollen of Fimo soft looks like heavy, It seems that's German bread!  :-9 And other Stollen looks same, don't understand how different each other. But these seems just real bread.  :-9  Shape of every Stollen made this time seems real existence. 

If I was asked which clay I like, I like Grace. Because I am used to this clay. :) I want to use Modena to make charm or fruit etc., and also Fimo use to make charm. But Fimo is very hard to me. :,-(  After all, I like Japanese soft clay. hehehe

Thank you for reading! 


I listed new works on Etsy today. 


cockerina said...

hello !!!!!!!!!!! thanks for all these explanations, I still do not use polymer clay, no I'm capable of, but I think good news for those friends who are starting, or want to improve ... thanks a lot!
Merry Christmas to you too!
kisses, Caterina

Carol's handiwork said...

thanks for sharing. i love to use Japanese clay too. It has good quality to make miniatures.