Feb 15, 2011

I am making

I made miniature cupcake candles by clay. This time, it put number on the cream.

This is model of square plate. I will finish copy and painting a few days later.

And, I made miniature ornaments. I use material glass beads, Czech glass beads, swarovski beads and wool felt. Oops! Wool felt gather dust on the window. X(


Lene said...

Hi. You make the most fabulous things. I'm amazed of how you make those very straight lines in things you make of clay.

Lene, Denmark

by Sonya said...

You have worked a lot!
I'm preparing the price of the Give away for my first blog anniversary!
If you want enter in it please go to my blog and post a comment!
I will be very happy to include you in it! :-)))

miniacollection said...

I love the ornament in front of the window.

El Mundo de Solete said...

You, and all the blogguers who make miniatures are true artists. I use clay, but in bisutery. But I love all the mini-foods you make. Perhaps I try something. Kisses from Spain.

mr. pineapple man said...

the candles are adorable! love it!

Missminisyotrascosas said...

I live in Spain.
I study japanese but i can't speak very much. I really love your miniatures. Congratulations!! Lovely work.

tomohachi said...

Thank you everyone! :))) I have made some miniature chocolate now. :-9 I will post soon.

Gracias por su commentario en japonés! Estoy muy contenta! Yo estaba estudiando Español. Puedo entender las frases simples español un poco. :) Y yo tampoco no puedo hablar muy bien. :D