Feb 24, 2011

Cocoa can etc.

I made some miniatures. :)

Cocoa can and poster. This photo seems nostalgic. I took this photo evening. I always take photos in natural light. So, miniatures show different impression each time and each season. 

A rat of Mohican (Mohawk) hairstyle and an ornament of The toadstools. The fairy tale world! :D

Square plate and sweet chocolates.


cockerina said...

hello! how long! how are you? the mouse is very nice!
a big hug! Caterina

Patty said...

Everything looks so wonderful! I love the cocoa tin.

Rosamargarita said...

Que cosas tan bonitas, los papeles de los chocolates son muy reales... y el ratón con su "moicana" es adorable.
Un abrazo

Oiseau deNim said...

They are darling! I admire your works profoundly. :)

by Sonya said...

Very cute mouse!I love also the cocoa can!
Nice to hear you again with your fantastic creations!

Drora's minimundo said...

Everything you made looks fabulous. Where did you get these paper cookies' pleated paper or did you make them too? just wonderful.

tomohachi said...

Chao! Grazie! I like this mouse. :)

Thank you! The model of this cocoa tin is van HOUTEN COCOA, just golden color and shape. :)

Hola! Gracias! Todos mis ratónes que yo hice tienen moicana. hehehe.

Oiseau deNim
Thank you for your comment! I'm happy. :)

Chao! Grazie! I also love the cocoa can. :) Recently, I drink hot cocoa almost everyday. I had an idea to make miniature cocoa can. :)

I always thank you. :)

Drora's minimundo
Thank you! Yes, I made all. :)