Apr 28, 2011


I'm making dollhouse for exhibition. I have a dollhouse that not finish yet. I had a plan  I finish it to use in exhibition, but it's a little smaller than 1:12 scale, besides I don't have motivation to finish it now. So I determined to make new dollhouse. I don't have enough time to make a room type. I make a corner of the kitchen. The design is as a dollhouse not finish. I like this design very much and also like floor of tiles. This floor made of plywood. It not seems plywood. :)

This is miniature milk bottle

and orange juice bottle, toast stand and ham and two eggs fried sunny-side up. By the way, I like egg fried easy-over. :-9


TINK - SONIA said...

So real, I love the roombox,miniregards.

Patty said...

Your display kitchen is perfect! It will really show off your art in a wonderful way! Your eggs and toast are so real looking!

by Sonya said...

Very beautiful!I love the color and this modern style!
The milk bottle is very original!
What kind of scale you work usually!I look on jap books (that I have bought) that the minis are very smaller than 1:12!
So your works are always great!

Eliana said...

I am happy to become a new reader of your blog. I loved it!

CRIS said...

Ola, adorei o seu tutorial e tudo que esta no seu Blog, sou brasileira e moro no Brasil e estou aprendendo a fazer miniaturas e estou amando fazer. Obrigado por compartilhar o que voce sabe com a gente.


Leo Furtado said...

Excelente sempre!!!
Parabéns pelo belo trabalho.

tomohachi said...

Thank you so much always for commenting and welcome to my blog! :-)) I'm very glad!