Oct 28, 2011

A lot of photos about miniature :)

I am very busy for long time. I don't have enough time to write blog in English. :,-( I always need enough time when I write in English. But I will make every effort.

I sewed new bears. Bears color of yellow ocher and...
(made of miniature fur)

cream. It seemed white in this photo, but actual color is cream like white. I don't especially decide make a boy or girl bear when I was making it. 
(made of silk fur)

But if put a ribbon on the head, bear is a girl....

if put the ribbon in the neck, it is a boy.

These are nuts made from air dry clay. I didn't worry to detail, because these nuts mix into the clay. I make miniature stollen.

I made other nuts and dry fruit too. A stollen in the right include nuts, a stollen in the left is not include nuts. Because it just paint to surface.

I sliced a stollen included nuts. I made texture like sponge on the sliced stollens. And I made damage like scratch on the cutting board.   

Miniature wooden boxes and wreath of bay leaf. Bay leaves made from paper. I make shabby on the box.

Miniature red sock, candy cane and candle. Two balls made by needle felting.  

I guess I could good twist and make beautiful pattern of red and white. A candle have a story. A bear made candle by honey, put it into a shabby can. Aroma may honey and sweet. hahaha Of course, this candle is not real candle, made from clay.


The Old Maid said...

Beautiful miniatures. love little bears most:)

Lene said...

I love your things, they are very beautiful. How did you make the little tin with candle inside?, and how tall are the bears?
Hugs fra Denmark

Eva said...

As always, you have done a very great work! So talented :)

Drora's minimundo said...

The little bears are adorable. You don't need words, the photos speak. Your work is beautiful.

Unknown said...

your imagination is very cute, i always enjoy your little stories behind your works :) the results come out superbly too, as always :D

miniacollection said...

Your bears are very cute.
By the way I bought your miniature at April Showers. I am very proud to have managed to order on an online shop in Japanese. Thank you to the google translator.

My Space - My Arts said...

Wonderful creations. Always enjoy to read your blog :o)

Beatrix said...

Incredibly cute tiny bears! :) I admire your skills, sewing such small things is very hard, at least for me. I already have a problem with sewing socks for my doll. :D
Your miniatures look so real and tasty that I'm afraid someone could eat them without thinking twice. :)

Plushpussycat said...

I love your tiny bears and your candle story--so cute! I've missed your blog posts--so glad you are back! :-)

tomohachi said...

Thank you everyone. I'm very happy. :)))

I made the little tin by aluminum pie, plastic board and paper. It cut the aluminum pipe into round slice, cut a plastic board and paper to circle figure, make circle lines on each face by needle etc. and cut like a notch in circumference of the paper and assemble those. Finally painted. It make candle by clay, put in the tin after clay dried.
Bears are about 6 cm, and about 4.5 cm in the sitting situation. ;-)

Drora's miniumndo
Thank you! I am very happy you feel my photos speak. :))

Recently I can making some stories easily by bears are in the miniature world. :D

Thank you so much for your purchase to my works at April Showers. We, she and I, are very glad! We thank you for you tried to shopping in Japanese web shop with the google translator.
I hope you enjoying my miniatures.

It is very hard sewing to small things to me too. hahaha

I visited your blog a short time ago. :) Your technique to create your beautiful dolls is so wonderful! I like see making scene so much. :)) And I'm very happy you use Japanese materials. :))

Jennifer Rydell@Plushpussycat
I'd like to blog post frequently, but I have some problem, for example, I need dictionary to write in English, besides I have poor memory! X0
I'm happy you visit my blog. :)) Thank you!