Oct 21, 2011

Tokyo views

The other day, I went to Roppongi, Tokyo. This city is mode, there are a lot of clubs,  and a lot of rich people, celebrity and foreigners lives there.  
This photo is a TV station building TV-Asahi. Tokyo tower in the left of this photo is a place of interest.  

I went to Roppongi hills. There are a lot of shopping stores, restaurants, a movie theater and an art museum. I went to a observation deck. This building has 52 floors. These views see from 52 floors.  It seems diorama. :)

Tokyo`s sky is not clear in this season. 

The green zone is cemetery. A lot of Japanese famous authors has slept here.

It say that this building has preventive measures to earthquake. 

These buildings are apartment houses. Rich people live in these buildings. :O
Buildings are high, and rent is high too!  

You can see yellow "U"  in the center of this photo. This "U" was a roller coaster (half pipe). Famous discount store had it on the top of their building to get customers. But many stores and residents live in near this discount store protested to this store, because the machine make grave noise and crime.  (They were going to operation at daytime and midnight. ) After all, this machine never worked by protest of neighborhood. 

I was hungry, so I ate hot sandwich in the cafe, this floor. I wanted to eat with see view, I sat on the seat in the side of the window. But this day was very shine day and high temperature. I couldn't sit in this seat for long time....

Next, I went to Japanese garden in TV station. 

It is little garden.

The residence buildings, see from the ground. Biiiig!


mr. pineapple man said...

ooh i love japan!! beautiful pics!

Alma e Lia said...

Tokyo is a beautiful city, we hope to visit it one day ...
thanks for these wonderful photos

MelyMel said...

Che foto stupende... è davvero una bellissima città, e che palazzi enormi!
Un bacio

Snowfern said...

ah, so that's where you've disappeared to ;) so beautiful! i will visit Japan some day, i hope, not too far away *determined look*


Thanks for the virtual tour!

Lisa said...

The garden is beautiful.

Sans! said...

You made Tokyo really interesting. I have been there twice and I don't remember seeing so many things :)

The Old Maid said...

Thank you for sharing this with us! It is one of my dreams to visit your country one day:)

Make It Small said...

Thank you for the tour. I spent just two days in Tokyo while touring and want to return to see more, I loved it! Gill x

Eliana said...

Great photos, thanks for sharing.

tomohachi said...

Thanks for reading and seeing!
If everyone has opportunity to visit to Tokyo, please have a fun! But... you will cost to spend in this city... (^_^;)
I introduced modern buildings this time, but it still has old building, temples and Japanese style building in Tokyo City. :)