Jun 13, 2012

Miniature biscuit etc.

I made a lot of miniature biscuits. This photo is before paint.

and after paint. I am so tired...

 I  made miniature bottles. These made from crystal resin.

Cutting boards like a wood. I don't have enough time to shape from wood board. So I used technique of reproducer. These cutting boards made from urethan resin.  


Giro said...

Great!!! Can you explain a little how you make miniature bottles?

Kikka said...

wow, wow and wow! I am stunned!
I`d be also glad to hear how it is possible to make miniature bottles :)
That sounds really magical! :)


Plushpussycat said...

You are so talented! Yes, I would love to know how you make the bottles. Thanks! Jennifer

Vall said...

your work is so detailed! The bottles are so tiny, I would also be pleased to know how you make it.

Hugs, Vall
Vanilla Miniatures

ANDA said...

All wonderful! The biscuits can be really tiring painting, I wondered how I would be the preparation of glass!

Cote said...

Que bien las galletitas pero las botellas fantásticas!! Como las haces??

Un Taller de Miniaturas said...

Fantastico trabajo!! Great work!!
Hugs from Spain,

Angela said...

Tutto bellissimo,
certo che sei bravissima!
io adoro i taglieri e i barattoli!

Maria Ireland said...

Wow all your items are fantastic. Your biscuits look so real. Your bottles and boards are wonderful.
Hugs Maria

magnetlover131 said...

Hi your biscuit and bottles work is really amazing !
Can you show us what is crystal resin and where can we buy it ?
Hope one day you will show us how to make the bottles


tomohachi said...

Thank you always for commented :))) and question about how to make bottle.

I explain simply. I made two silicon molds of the bottle, body and bottom, reproduce those by crystal resin and united by quick-drying glue. ;-)

I don't know where crystal resin that it sell in other country. I'm sorry.
I bought this company's product.


Maria Blanca "AyamontinoMaria" said...

Las galletas estan muy bien hechas y parecen reales, pero las botellas de resina estan ¡perfectas! ¿como las haces? Un beso

Jackie said...

Resin is soooo hard to work with, and yet your little bottles look perfect!! Love the biscuits too, and the cutting boards - wonderful and amazing job!