Feb 26, 2013

New miniature teddy bears :) and etc.

I made new two bears. This bear is two colors and my favorite colors. :)

I dyed the cloth blue and I made different face. He is handsome boy. :D

I am very busy now to prepare participate big art exhibition. X(  I have to make new pans etc. This is model of an iron frying pan and......

pans of design of pumpkin and tomato.


This house is for miniature teddy bears. The image is attic.

Thanks for your time :))


minwks said...

Greetings, Your bears are wonderful and the pots also very interesting.wondering what colours you will use for them
Janine in Canada

Lotte said...

Great work! Teddy bears are so cute!

mcddiss said...

esos dos ositos son preciosos , y con los moldes es mas facil hacer una gran produccion , muy bonitos por cierto



Kikka said...

Wonderful work. Love the Teddies..always!

otterine said...

Such cute bears!!! :D Love the piggy banks, too!

miniacollection said...

Great new miniatures! I love your bears.

Fabiola said...

Your bears are adorable. The pans are original.
Bye Faby

tomohachi said...

Always thank you. :)))

Wow! I'm happy that you noticed the piggy banks before paint. :D