May 3, 2015

Magazine cover

I made miniature ladies' shoes, little bird and flowers to magazine cover. This is health magazine and the theme is how to cure about the trouble of foots to busy women.

It also appear the inside of some pages. 

When I found this magazine in books store, I'm happy. :)) 


elizabeth s said...

WOW!!!!! Your tiny shoes are Absolutely PERFECT!!!!
They look identical to Full-sized shoes. The color and the styles and the meticulous finish of them could NOT BE BETTER! Congratulations on the magazine cover too!
Take a Bow! :D

PILAR6373 said...

Felicidades por la publicación!! Tus zapatos son preciosos y perfectos!!!

Plushpussycat said...

Wow!!!!!!! Great job! Your tiny shoes are so beautiful and perfect! Congrats on making the cover of the magazine--you rock! xo Jennifer

Unknown said...

Your shoes are incredible, for such tiny items you have made them really well. Congratulations on your magazine article.

Jayne c

tomohachi said...

Elizabeth S
Jayne c
Thank you! :)) I got good experience to me in this job. :)

Hola! Gracias tu mensaje! Estoy muy contenta! :))

Hi! Jennifer. Thank you! :)) It didn’t have enough days when I made this shoes, and it had an accident the day before of photograph. A tiny and thin heel broken! X0 I repaired it, but it’s not perfect. :,( But staff covered up it and cameraman took a photo beautiful. :)

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