Jul 3, 2015

miniature show & Tokyo views

I exhibited in Tokyo dollhouse miniature show in Asakusa, Tokyo last month. :) This is five times exhibit to me. Oh, the advertisement is far....

This is my table in miniature show. It's simple display, but I guess this is good.

I put some photos on flickr. :)

A lot of customers came to this show! Hall was very crowded with customers, every exhibitors were surprised! 

Asakusa is one of the sights of Japan, there are a lot of sightseer of domestic or foreign countries. Asakusa has very famous temple, there is big lantern on the gate. I forgot take the photo. But I took some photos of night view.

Tokyo sky tree. 

I went to a wonderful cafe with my friends. We had cakes and iced coffee in a terrace. It was very comfortable! You can see big object in the center of photo. This building is very famous in Tokyo. The design of object is flame. Unfortunately, it has miserable nickname. It's called... caca building by people. I'm sorry the low story, but it's true.

A roofed pleasure boat go under the bridge. They will are enjoying, I was enjoyed too. :))

When we has walked in the main street of Asakusa, we can see a lot of rickshaws. oh, this guy who pull a rickshaw has cool hair style. :D

My favorite sweets, sweet potato! I love this. :-9 There are my favorite shops of sweet potato in Asakusa.  When I go to Asakusa, I bought this surely.

Thank you for reading and seeing. :))

Next, I will exhibit in Teddy bear convention.


PILAR6373 said...

Pusiste una mesa preciosa!!!! Espero que hayas disfrutado de la feria.
Las fotos son geniales,gracias por compartir con todos aquellos que nos pilla tan lejos!!

tomohachi said...

Gracias por su comentario. Estoy muy contenta.:)) Escribiré sobre la exposición de teddy bear en futuro cercano.

magnetlover131 said...


Your work is great!

Will you join the miniature show in Tokyo Nov 7-8 ?