Feb 21, 2010

Wonderful gift

The other day, my friend stay to study in Taiwan came back to Japan for a while. I met her and she gave me wonderful gift! This is a mug cup with cap of Starbucks Coffee in Taiwan. I wanted this cup! So, I'm very, very happy~! Yes! Yes! Yes!! I laughed when see this. Because it's very big than my imagination. I can drink many tea or coffee.:D I thank my friend!

The other one. What is this. This is correction tape of the design of wafer.

Wow! It's very funny! I didn't notice the letter "Correction tape", when I got this. So, I asked to my friend "What is this? Post-it? Eraser?" I had a quiz contest by myself. I'm silly... I love the stationery of the design of foods or sweets.

The overseas life have happy things, but also have a hard time. The living in the country that different language, food, thinking and culture is very hard. Fortunately, my friend is helped by kindly and cheerful Taiwanese. Thank you for Taiwanese! 多謝!

Go for it! My friend K!

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