Feb 8, 2010


I have learned a picture with color pencil and pastel at the class of illustration from last Autumn. I can draw simple picture by PC, but I'm poor at drawing on the paper directly. I'd like to can drawing and also use to my miniature works. I found the class by chance, so I decided go to there. I was exited, because I take lessons after a long time!

I confused in the class, because other students are good painter. But a teacher is very kindly and her teaching is very good. So, I can go to the class now. :-)

This is my first picture with color pencil. The amateur can drawing this by professional illustrator's teaching.

This picture was just plane, but the teacher taught me how to put the shadow. Finally, the picture have a third dimension. The teacher copy out my picture simply, when teach me how to put the shadow. Then she draw it very, very smooth! What a cool!! It's pro!!

I use my picture at once! :D I worked my picture in PC. (reduction and put letter ) Oh! Cool! ha-ha-ha.

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