Feb 19, 2010

How to make miniature knife

I open how to make miniature knife by self-taugh.

Prepare a board of aluminium 0.3mm in thickness. Make the shape of the blade of a knife your hope by file and nippers. In the case of this knife, cut the point of knife by nippers and file, file off a part of knife into the handle.

Next, to the handle. Prepare a bar of hinoki (Japanese cypress) 1mm in thickness and 3mm in width. Shave shape that a part of knife into the handle. Please shave it same size that the thickness of aluminium. It will be shaky, if shave deep a little. The length of knife is 8mm, but prepare 1cm to see balance the knife and the handle, later. 2mm is insurance to never cut short to handle. LOL
*Most Japanese use hinoki, when use craft works. I don't know what kind of wood use to craft works in other country.

After shave the hinoki "A", prepare another one "B" and bond to "A". Pinch it by clothespin etc. to dry.

After dry, shave the handle to your favorite thickness and shape by sandpaper. Put the blade in the handle to check of the design of knife. If it's OK, bond the knife to the handle.

Of course.... it can not cut in effect~!

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