Jul 6, 2010

Little scene of kitchen

Done! I painted frying pan, handle of turner and linen with light blue that image of summer.  Making egg shape is like a easy, but it is very difficult, I guess. I made a lot of eggs "cock-a-doodle-doo~!"

I put on the palm of my hand. :D Did you feel the size of actual object?
Display board size: about 5.4 cm wide, about 4.2 cm deep.


Rosa-kreattiva said...

semplicemente spettacolare

Sans! said...

Very pretty! Congratulations . i especially like the rusty can of plants :)

Tiny Delights said...

Wow!! So beautiful.

follettosem said...

great!!what else to say............i'm speechless!and the rusty can with plants...no,no....great!

El Mundo de Solete said...

It,s fantastic. Your blog is incredible. I hope you understand my english. I studied your language but now...I don´t speak english too much. Kisses from Spain.

Ascension said...

Parece mentira que en algo tan pequñito, haya tanata maravilla junta!!!
Simplemente genial!!!
besitos ascension

by Sonya Rotella said...

You are great!

tomohachi said...

Tiny Delights
I am very, very glad for your comments. :-))) The rusty can of plants have a good reputation. :-) I would make it again in the near future. hehehe

El Mundo de Solete
Hola! I understand your English very well! :-)) Thank you easy writing for me. I don't speak English much too.

Muchisimas gracias por alegre comentario. Yo he estudiado el español, y creo que el español es muy difícil. Puedo entender el español un poco con el diccionario. El diccionario de español y ingles son mis ayudantes. :D

Patty said...

Tomohachi, Everything is so darling and tiny! I love the seedling plant in the can. Congratulations!!It is wonderful!!

Alice said...

Very nice work. I still like the little planter the best. ^_^

miniacollection said...

Gorgeous. i like the plants in the tin.