Jul 1, 2010

New frying pan

I made new frying pan. Old frying pan was too small. I made a little bit big.

Old frying pan have a problem to paint. The divide is unclear, so when painting different color on this, I couldn't painting well. Finishing is very dirty! I failed four pans. I wasted time... :,-(  But I guess this design and coloring are not bad.

It paint all black, became iron frying pan and cute. :D


Merry Jingle said...

They are fantastic! How in the earth I can convince you to open a store that sells to countries outside Japan?????

Lainie's Little Things said...

They are perfect. I love them!

by Sonya Rotella said...

Yes!I think you must open an international store!Please!!!!!!!!

Snowfern said...

Ira, that's what i've been trying to do for the longest time XD convince her!

Tomohachi, they are all awesome, and your 'tadpole' comment made me laugh out loud. XD good thing i wasn't drinking water at the time......I LOVE YOUR WORK!

Merry Jingle said...

Please, do some more convincing, I've been trying it with emails and now here in the blog :D

And there's no excuse with your English, it's good so there you go ;)

I want some of your stuff!!!!!!!!! :D

Ascension said...

Yo creo que te ha quedado perfecta la que esta en negro, a mi personalmente me encanta.
besitos ascension

Beatriz Fernández said...

Te a quedado muy bien, me gusta mucho.

otterine said...

The way you wrote "bad, bad" made me smile. It was as though you were scolding the pans for misbehaving! :]

tomohachi said...

Thank you so much everyone. :-))) I am very glad for your request. :,-)) Well, I will open my web store, and I am planning it on autumn or winter or next year to spring. I effort to the realization at early. Please wait a little for it. I need a lot of times to prepare some works and etc.

Muchisimas gracias. Yo también me gusta el sartén de negro. :-))

In my feeling, I was scolding the pans for misbehaving. But the problem was made by myself. So, the pan = I. hahaha

Merry Jingle said...

I'm happy, happy, happy!!!!! And if you open a store for example in Etsy, you really don't have to have tons of items on sale there, a couple at time is enough :) Happy, happy, happy :D :D