Jul 21, 2010


I made miniature shell madeleine. I like madeleine. :-)


TINK-SONIA said...

I like your shell madeleine too!

Ascension said...

Te han salido tan esponjosas!!!!!
Parecen reales!!
besitos ascension

Snowfern said...

they look both adorable and delicious at the same time! ^ ^ i don't really like the taste of madeleines, or maybe i just never tasted a good one, the only one i've tried was dry and tasted like....dry cake XD

Lalla said...

I love madeleine too! And yours looks liek real one!!Now is your fault if I want to eat some...

tomohachi said...

Thank you everyone! Muchisimas gracias!

I often meet strange taste madeleine. :,-( Then I have an idea that the most of good madeleine is... homemade! It is possible to make in favorite taste. :-9

Oh! It's... good fault? hehehe :D