Sep 21, 2010

Arrangement flower

I made miniature arrangement flower that learning by watching others. I'm poor at arrange flower and plant. :-( So... it's doubtful sense. he~he~he~ But it's no problem, because it seem like good looking. :D A part of my character is inaccurate. :P
The part of flowers and plants made from clay, paper and miniature (diorama) materials.

Private message:
Dear a parson (ari____) that ask me a question about the product I use in e-mail. 

I received your question. :) I wrote you my answer, but it mail return to me, because the sender's address is error. Therefore I write answer on my blog. 

Is "the products" about miniature arrangement flower I made? Roses,leaves and little apples are I made. A part of green (like a sponge) and little white flowers are I use the material of diorama. This sponge is used to make tree or bush in diorama. I'm sorry, I don't know the website that sell diorama material. But I guess you will find the store that sell those. Please search with the word "diorama material" in Google etc. 
I just know a website that sell clay I use.

My English is not good. If I misunderstand your question, please tell me. Thank you. 


Kim@My Fairytale Cottage said...

Fantastic job!! I love these, they are so pretty!
-Kim :)

El Mundo de Solete said...

I love them. I like plants very much. I haven´t children, but I always say my plants are my children...Good job. Kisses from Spain

Rosa-kreattiva said...

wow davvero una meraviglia...

Clara said...

¡Estan muy bien! Los recipientes son ideales.
Besos Clara

Anna said...

I love them too. The arrangements are looking very fresh and beautiful!

Patty said...

They are so beautiful! I love the colors that you chose and how unique this arrangement is! Good job!!!

miniacollection said...

They are beautiful, I like the colours. Great work!

rosanna said...

Beautiful, I love the litle apples among the roses.Rosanna

Iris said...

Beautiful flowers!

cockerina said...

I do not find them at all inaccurate, indeed, they are very nice!
Your package arrived this morning !!!!!!
Later I put the photos on my blog ..
thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shine my eyes, it is my favorite!
kisses kisses kisses!!!

by Sonya Rotella said...

You are fantastic in everything you want make!

Carmen said...

Que arreglos mas bonitos. Son perfectos¡¡¡¡

Sans! said...

They are really pretty :). I think you are very good and very modest :). Those boxes are just perfect :).

rosella said...

These miniature arrangement flowers are very ......very beautiful!
Your blog is pretty.
Greetings and kisses from Italy by Rosella

Alcy's Hobby Room said...

The flower arrangements are all so pretty & fantastic, as with all things you make. :)

tomohachi said...

Thank you so much every one! :-)))

Real arrangement flowers in the flower shop etc. are very beautiful and good arrangement. I don't understand how to arrange. So I did it by sense of free. :P

cockerina said...

dear Tomoco, hello!!
I have published photos of your gift on my blog ..
Please, come read! ah ah!
Have a wonderful day!