Sep 19, 2010

My treasure

I received wonderful gift from Italy two days ago. Caterina sent me wonderful miniature Italian food packages she made! :D (Oh My God! Her package already arrived in Japan, but my miniature don't arrive to her house yet. :,-( I think that my packages already are in Italy. Hey! The custom! Please through my packages! Mail carrier! Please deliver hurry up!) I first have foreign handmade miniatures. :) This is my treasure!

I told her that I love Italian food. She made me these. :-))) I guess this is hard work to a lot of packages! Grazie mille! Caterina! It can hear sound from some packages when shake it. :) It's like real. 

I love Italian food, and I am interested in the ancient Roman's life (Pompei) and history of gladiator. I enjoy watching American TV drama "Spartacus Blood and Sand" now. :D This is the story of gladiator.

This day I received these minis, also I received American stationary of Halloween design from my Illustration teacher. (She went to USA for a few days. This is souvenir. :D) It was wonderful day with I felt foreign wind. :-)))


Patty said...

Tomohachi, How lucky you are!! The little Italian food packages are so wonderful!!! I love them!

Clara said...

¡Estupendos regalos! Caterina es una gran artista y una gran amiga. Todo está perfecto, lo más importante el cariño que ha metido en el paquete :)
Besos Clara

Vilia Miniature said...

Caterina e bravissima, e tu sei fortunata
Lia e Alma

cockerina said...

I'm glad you like my Italian pasta!
The next time I send to you already cooked? ha ha!
your package has not arrived here yet ... : (( I hope soon!
Come to my birthday party? visit my blog!
kisses, Caterina

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

It's beautiful!

by Sonya Rotella said...

Caterina has made a very good job!
She is a good miniaturist!
Don't worry for your minis I think that they will arrive!
Have a good days!

Ascension said...

Enhorabuena por esos precioso regalitos, Caterina es una gran artesana.
besitos ascension

Sans! said...

What lovely presents, Tomohachi :):). But deservedly so. Me, Cindy and Asuka oohed and ahhhhed over your prize on Friday :). I am so thrilled and still cannot believe my luck :).

I am sorry that Caterina has not received her mail :( but when she does, I am sure she will be over the moon!

tomohachi said...

Yes! I'm lucky girl. hehehe

I hope my packages arrive at you at once. I have surprised that it have too days to arrive.

Oh?! Really?! Thank you! :-)))