Sep 11, 2010

Thanks. And Kouglof

I finished sending give away and other lucky gifts. :) I hope all gifts will arrive in good condition in each country. I had sent packet to overseas, but it's many years ago. I forgot how to send. So, I learned it in the web of Postal service before sending my packets. But I had little occurrence in the post office. I was made to do useless work (writing to unneed documents), it was post office worker's mistake. Boo! ):-(  But he apologized to me, and I could sent off my miniatures pleasantly. :)

After sent but I received advice about how to write description inside pack and some information of Italian delivery from Sonya. Grazie! Sonya! I thank you for your kindness! :)))

Well, I already showed you new kouglof, but zoom in it again.
This new kouglof has ten hills. (Kouglof that made past has 11 hills. See the photo in old post, Sep 8. )


by Sonya Rotella said...

Oh!It is fantastic!
It's looks like our cake called CIAMBELLONE.
Every italian mother makes this cake for her student children for break at school.
Your is very realistic!
A kiss

Clara said...

Los papeleos de correos nos marean, espero que todos los envios lleguen bien.
Este pastel que nos enseñas hoy me encanta, tiene un color tostado de muy bien horneado.
Besos Clara

bastrota said...

Your new cake looks fine. In Germany - especially in Bavaria - we call this kind of cake "Gugelhupf".

Hugs and greetings

Lisa said...

did you use a mold to make it?

cockerina said...

Hallo Tomoco!
thanks very much, I can not wait to receive your wonderful gift!
I am preparing a package for you, too!
kisses, and say hello to the Fujiama ... ha ha!

Sans! said...

There is a group of us waiting in anticipation for your package to me :). Two very jealous people and then me , so 3 of us :). hehe

We have something like this in Singapore too, the cake I mean. It is very small, bite size and is called Kueh Bahulu and we make them for Chinese New Year :). You can see pictures of them here with a recipe too-

Isn't it wonderful to know that in different countries , there are different versions of the kouglof (are they really called that in Japan?) with different significance?

tomohachi said...

Thank you everyone! :-)))

This cake is called "kugulofu" in Japan. This is Japanese pronunciation of the word "Kouglof". I got to know in Wikipedia when looked for spelling, there are a lot of name of this cake, Kouglof, Gugelhupf and Kugelhopf. :o
Kouglof's aluminum mold are sold in the store of tools for making cake. But baked kouglof hardly see in the cake shop in Japan.... I like shape of kouglof. :) (I have an aluminum mold of kouglof. Well… I had used it only once or twice. She (he?) is sleeping somewhere in the shelf. hehehe)

Yes, I used my handmade mold to make it. :)

Thank you for your concern! :) Please don't worry. I only hope you will be happy when open my package. :-) But if I have wonderful opportunity that receive package from you, I'm looking forward to it. :D Grazie!