Oct 5, 2010

Canned peeled tomatoes

October 6th
I remade the label, and changed the logo that received good advice. :-)) Thank you!

I made miniature canned peeled tomatoes. I wrote the description of ingredients on the back that I did an example to real canned. But it always can't see well in the miniature world. I put the Italian word "El Fascino" on the label, I searched it in google translate. Oops! I noticed spelling mistake now!!! There is not "c"!  I think Japanese people don't notice it, but I can't deceive Italian people and the people that understand Italian language, right? So.... I must remake the label.... (T_T)


Patty said...

They are perfect!

cockerina said...

how beautiful! but why did you choose "El Fascino"?? What to do with tomatoes?? rather call them "Italian flair" or "Mediterranean", which is our sea .... or "scent of Italy"! or even "the heart of the earth" ...
or simply "POMODORO"!!! ah ah!!
kisses, Caterina

by Sonya Rotella said...

Maybe you would written Pachino or Pelato or Sanmarzano.These are the name of our tomatos.
The right way is "Pomodori Pelati"
But your cans are delicius.
You have create a new name for our tomatos! :-))

tomohachi said...

Thank you for your advice! I named it with meaning "delicious and wonderful taste tomatoes" :). I was looking for short Italian word, because the long word is difficult that put on the miniature label. The word will blurred. It looks good "Pelato", this is better. :)) Thanks!

Sans! said...

I have always love your tin cans, with or without c :)

cockerina said...

PELATO is the best name! thanks to love Italy! I love you!!