Oct 19, 2010

Ivy (handmade & ready made)

I made miniature ivy. This is my handmade. 

 I felt tired that making a lot of leaves by myself at first, so I got ready made paper ivy sheet. This ivy sheet is generally for use in diorama. This is first try. The ivy sheet don't have color as white paper at first, and already are cut by laser, have connected a few point in the sheet. A runner, stem and leaves were a group. It cut a few point when take a group out sheet. I don't like paper runner, so I cut stem and leaves from runner, and I used a wire to runner. ummmm.... the leaves are thickness and unnatural. 

First try paint was not good. I tried again. I made curl to leaves strongly. This is just try and see, I didn't paint carefully. ummmm... paper is thick.  
Ready made ivy is beautiful figure. I think that this will not fit my miniature world, because my miniature style has handmade feeling. This ivy is too excellent, it will be conspicuous in other miniatures I made. So, I decided to use my handmade ivy this time.  

This sheet is produced by Kamizukuri, there are a lot of other plant leaves sheets, this site is only Japanese language, I bought in this site.  But Tasca modellismo Co.,Ltd. has introduced in English and sold to overseas from Japan. 

If you have interest, please visit these site. :) Tasca give the detailed explanation of products of Kamizukuri in English.   


Alma e Lia said...

Come sempre i tuoi lavori sono bellissimi e molto realistici

Eva said...

So beautiful!

Margaret said...

I prefer your ivy it looks so natural, I love it.

mr. pineapple man said...

your ivy is better :)

Sans! said...

Thanks for the link but you are right, I much prefer a rough feel than perfect or laser cut. Handmade feel is GOOD!

by Sonya Rotella said...

Wonderful Ivy!
I love the effect!

tomohachi said...

Thank you everyone! :-)))

It's hard to make miniature plant for me, but I want to overcome it.