Oct 11, 2010

Tokyo Sky Tree and Food

I went to Sumida-ku, Tokyo, there is Tokyo Sky Tree (television and radio broadcasting tower, the height will be 634m), it is constructing to 2012. This tower will be one of the world's tallest. This day was too rainy day, so it couldn't see to the top by cloud.

The height is 478m now. The tower is being tall little by little every week.

I took this photo from block. The tower is too big! it don't notice just walking by contraries. 

And I visited a soba shop (buckwheat noodle shop) to eat one food. It's this! ta-dah~!
This is Ebi ten don! "Ebi" mean lobster or shrimp, "ten" mean about tempura (deep-fried),  "don" mean a bowl of rice. "Ebi ten don" in English is a bowl of rice topped with deep-fried shrimp. This Ebi ten don is not normal! It looks like tower! What a crazy dish up! ha-ha! This food of this shop often is introducing by TV. The owner contrived this Ebi ten don in the image of tower. It's very delicious! :)) I hardly ate breakfast to eat this food this day. When I arrived, I was so hungry. I ate all. :D

These are food samples (Japanese imitation food). A lot of restaurant has this imitation food menu in the show case beside enter their restaurant . 
A few restaurant sometimes serve a little different real food from the imitation. For example, the imitation food has a lot of ingredients, but in real food has little etc. 
The shop's food I visited was almost same design that real and imitation. :)) 


cockerina said...

oh my God! how high! and still not finished!
I was in China on our honeymoon, 16 years ago. and there said to have the highest buildings in the world ... I believe that they will now be exceeded by far!
the food is very inviting, but all that fried, not the belly will not bad?? I hope you will do it in miniature ... a
Ebi...0,10 Don!! ah ah ah!!
good week!

tomohachi said...

If there are 10 Ebi, of course, mean Ebi ten don! hahaha~. It was fried in fresh oil, and eat with pickled vegetables, I could eat that no problem. :)
Yes, I'd like to try making this food in miniature someday. :)

mr. pineapple man said...

that looks delicious!!!!!