Feb 23, 2015

Needle felting exercise. Final

Ta dah~! Finished! XD It could make cute. :D I guess it's not bad for my first made doll. :) I thought her heigh size is be about 10 cm, but she was be about 7.9 cm. (3.1102 inch)
This is trial, so I don't paint the shoes.

Back form. I wanted make her hair in braids, but it's a lot of knitting wool. It can't make it. I understood it not need a lot of transplant hair.

Eyes are by my handmade. I chose dark green, but I guess brown is better. It will mach this hair.

I will make a clothes by cloth next time, because I don't like make the clothes by felt wool.... And I found a lot of improvement part to make a doll by felt.

I put her on a dollhouse of a corner type. :) Oh! How ideally! :D

Thanks for reading Needle felting exercise series. :)


"We found a giant girl! I have an exclusive interview with her!"

"They try to break the Guinness World Record, Mr. Frog and Mr. Bear. They has challenged put a blindfold, it been nine days since started challenge. Mr. Frog show composure, 
but Mr. Bear said "My eyeballs are limit, it may crash...." .....Good luck!"

These toys "a reporter and a cameraman" are capsule-toy vending machine. Millions of various cupsule-toy are sold in various place in Japan. People "from grown-ups to kids" enjoy them.


One capsule is about 200~300yen (about 1.68~2.52US$ at Feb 23, 2015)  It's not expensive one capsule, but it will be the expenses come to a large sum if it bought a lot of capsule without attention. I guess capsule-toy is like a gamble. It want to try to come out a toy that oneself hope from vending machine. 


Kikka N said...

So Happy scenes :)
Love the way your doll looks like! Her hair is so beautiful! She looks like a wery nice girl and a beautiful doll!

Sam said...

Your doll turned out wonderfully! She is really cute.

Elizabeth S said...

Your little redheaded girl is Adorable and you have finished her Very Well! I cannot believe that this is the first time that you have made a felted doll because this wok looks like it has both knowledge and much experience behind it! Well Done! :D

PILAR6373 said...

Es una pelirroja guapísima!!!!!!

Plushpussycat said...

Nice work, and a great learning experience. Your little stories are adorable. xo Jennifere

tomohachi said...

Thank you! I like her hair color and I am pleased to make beautiful. :)

Thank you! :) I hope I can make cute doll again.

Thank you! I had some knowledge how to make needle felted doll by books or website. :) And I have making shape skill. I guess those are helpful making a doll.

Muchas gracias! :))

Thank you! :)) There are some toys, those makes me want to make some strange story. :D