Feb 19, 2015

Needle felting exercise. Part 2

I make part of feet/shoes of needle felted doll. This is model, I made these with clay. This is large to body, because it's to steady oneself.

I understood somehow about needle felting.

Ok,  I challenge to make one needle felted doll on trial.

The left side is new head. It's smaller than right head, because felt wool was lesser and pierced many times than right head.

It's new body. I still study.

Clothes put on body. Of course, panties too. :) I didn't have a plan that make wear it, but I thought it's not good.

I will cut her hair. I wrap her body up in wrapping film, it's to protect from fiber of orange knitting wool.

Finish soon! 


Kikka N said...

How interesting that you are making a doll by felting! I have been dreaming to make doll also by felting(..in the future one dat) so I'll follow how yours will turn out! It looks Lovely already!

Plushpussycat said...

I like watching your process, tomohachi! I look forward to seeing the finished doll too! xo Jennifer

Elizabeth S said...

She is looking really good and your work is very clean and precise! I am always happy to see your work and how you do it. Keep it coming, Tomohachi! :D

tomohachi said...

My way to make a doll by felting is not good yet. I will study more and have to find improvements parts. But I’m happy you can get something hint in my way . Thanks. :)

Thank you always for your comments. :)) I will finish soon. :)

Elizabeth S
I try to clean when making something. :) But my desk is scattered with various materials. haha Thanks. :)