Feb 15, 2015

Needle felting exercise. Part 1

I take up making miniature needle felted doll this year. I had wanted to make the needle felted doll, but I don't have any idea of design I want to make. I had considered the design. At last, I had an idea. :)

First, I start to an exercise and study. I have to know about wool felt.

I made a head. Oh, It seems Charlie Brown.

I transplanted hair of knitting wool. I enjoyed this exercise very well. :D I cut short, because it's obstacle to other exercise that make a body and other parts.

I made a body frame, but this was not good to my way. I don't use this. The frame seems say "Rush into my arms!"

uh~~~~ NO! This is different from figure I hope.

I make body except a frame.

I made a leg, but this is different too. :-(  This leg is too long and thick. I will make a leg and foot separately. I want to make stand except support.

I don't assemble each parts to make one body yet, I just study this time.

This is an arm. I wanted to make fingers, but I can't those. Because, a hand is small, it isn't possible to make fingers I hope design. I express only a thumb. I used the wool felt to base and covered wool felt with color. I guess the base is not necessary.

It except the base. It's good. :) It seems an arm.

To be continued.


Sam said...

I laughed at the "Charlie Brown" head, but once you put the hair on her she became a cute little lady. She is looking good and I cannot wait to see her finished.

beyondbaffled said...

I'm so glad I came across your post! I love your felt doll and can't wait to see how she turns out! I have been searching out felting tutorials online and I'd like to give it a try as well. I bought some felting needles and despite going to 3 different stores was not able to find any wool roving today. There aren't many stores to choose from in my area so I may have to order online. Update soon! :)

Plushpussycat said...

Interesting study! I want to make tiny needle-felted critters but have no time. It is fun needle-felting, isn't it? xo Jennifer

PILAR6373 said...

Wow!!!!! se ve genial!! No puedo esperar para verlo terminado!!

tomohachi said...

I guess my all needle felted dolls may seems Charlie Brown before transplant hair of knitting wool. :D

Thank you for visiting my blog. :) I searched for knitting wool to make hair in some real stores and I was on there a few hours. It was hard to find wool I like. I hope you get your favorite felt. :)

Yes, it’s fun :) but hard a little, because I can’t make the shape I want make yet. So sometime I get irritated at making shape and pierce my finger with needle accidentally. hehe

Gracias. :) Yo podre mostrarle pront. :)