Nov 23, 2009


One of my friends have worries that she doesn't has hobby. I recommended her various things (for example, reading, watching movie and TV, playing video game, sawing and sports etc.). But she can not to do those, because she has eyestrain. She can not use her eyes for long time.
When I started to needle felting, I thought that she will can do this work. This work just stick! So, I recommended her this hobby. Then she asked me "What is needle felting?" Oh... I had to explain her about this from first step... X( I explained her, but she couldn't understand well. So, I made mascot by needle felting to explain and gift for her. She was very glad and admire when received this. (Ah~ she can't do beads work. She tried beads work for few years ago. But she doesn't last long. )

And if do more work, can this bear! This is just show her. :P

She was admire but she wasn't interest to needle felting. The recommended things is difficult...

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