Nov 28, 2009

My friend's dog

I visited to my friend's home. She has a dog (female). Dog's name is MOMO. Oh! Sexy pose?! Hahaha! She pose like this when a room is snug. A Japanese cushion under her had used her owner. But deprived of her. :D And Kotatsu was on the red rug, but MOMO always went into the Kotatsu. My friend afraid of her dog don't get active. So, my friend took away it from there. Ah~! Poor her dog! But she always loves and take care to her.

When I went out room, I forgot say "goodbye" to MOMO. I returned to room and when I pated her head, she tried to bite my hand! I was so surprised! Then, I thought I did some bad things to her? and I asked to my friend "What?! What happened?!" She told me "MOMO is very glad because you backed again. She fawn you". I don't know dog's action. So, I was really surprised! This dog is very gentle dog. She never get angry when I touch and massage her much. This was first time that she fawned me. I sweated by nervous. LOL

I visited to my friend's home by train. She took me to her near station by her car. I really thank her! The road that front of her house was traffic jam. We couldn't go into the line of the cars, but one kindly driver beckoned us front of his car. My friend blew the car horn with soft to thanks him. Then, a junior high school student girl was walking just front our car. She was mistaken that the car horn is attention to her, she glared us and walked very slowly on purpose front of us. I said to my friend "Run over her. Do it!" :P She smiled. Of course, she never do it. Yes, she is right. I'm not good woman. :P

She and I were classmates of junior high school and high school.

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