Nov 5, 2009


Sometimes, I receive some e-mail from oversea. (Of course, national, too. ) It is very glad to me! Thanks! The other day, I got a new friend! She also make miniature food. Her name is SNOWFERN.
She is very courteous and hard worker! I'm very impressed by her works! She try to various ways to make miniature food and goods. She show us about her investigation result in her blog. I think this is very good reference for the person making miniature. Please look her blog!

I'm very glad! I thank her for everything! And I thank for the civilized world. If the internet doesn't in this world, we wouldn't see many people's works and wouldn't know great technique and can't exchange information with other person.

Thank you, SNOWFERN! ;-) I wrote about you in my Japanese blog. Please try to read it! hee-hee.
(It may be that it is difficult a little.) Sukoshi muzukashii desu.

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