Jun 4, 2010

Pancake again

I made miniature american style pancake.
I make simple decoration with strawberry and cream on this pancake.

I looked into pancake in the internet. I knew it is different in each countries.
We call "hot cake" and it's thick in Japan. And it's thin in North America, and European pancake is like a crepe. 
(Recently, there are some pancake cafe in Japan. So, thin style is famous in our life. :D  )

The noodles also is different in each countries, the food culture is very deep. :-o


miniacollection said...

Great pancakes! The texture looks super.

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

they look so good! :D

Alienora said...

Amaizing! Look like real!!!

Carmen said...

The texture looks like real¡¡¡ Amaizing.

LifeAdorned said...

it's true, there's so much culture in food! it's interesting to hear about american food from the outside.

love those pancakes!

Betty said...

Those pancakes are wonderful! I had the Japanese pancakes before. They are rather thick for me but still taste great!

mr. pineapple man said...

very good!!

Veselina K. said...

I just looked throught your whole blog. Amazing! And the pancakes are perfect. Greets from me :)

tomohachi said...

Everyone always thank you for glad comment! :-)))

Yes! I'm amazed about some american food, for example, volume of food on one dish and cake is very colorful! :-o

Yes, Japanese pancake is thick, it is tired during chew and besides water lost in the mouth at once. X(

Hello! Please don't afraid to speak Japanese. Because we speak strange Japanese too. ha-ha-ha :D Sometimes I feel that Japanese conversation is difficult, and we often are confusion when conversation with other person.


Please relax when speak with Japanese people. A lot of Japanese would make effort to understand for your Japanese. :-)

alpal said...

Obsessed with these pancakes! Love them!!!