Jun 21, 2010

Frying pan

I got a lot of vigor and motivation at the wonderful exhibition of my illustration teacher. :-D I am full for making miniature now! So, I make a dollhouse and other one works the same time. 
This is a model of  miniature frying pan. I carved out  from stone clay board. I could show you colorful frying pan after a few days. 

I started to make a miniature oven. I have a hard time to put the plastic board together. But! I am full now! This work is nothing! ...but... a hot and high humidity summer already come in Japan... (I don't like this season :,-() I couldn't keep my great motivation for long time.... 

1 comment:

Pinky Craft said...

hi hi.. may i know u use what kind of paint/color to paint this frying pan?? hehe.. it is so cute.. =) i have buy stone clay but duno how to use.. is need to knead or jus carve directly??