Jun 18, 2010

Mode city

I went to Aoyama, Tokyo, to see my illustration teacher's group exhibition. I come this city since a few years. I am a country bumpkin this day. LOL I also live in Tokyo, but Tokyo is very large and have the special wards. The special wards are 23 municipalities. A ward I live is never mode city. It like a... mix the suburb and the country. LOL 
A few illustrator's works are in the gallery. There are one subject to draw, and their works are based on the subject. I noticed again that various way to draw. I enjoyed! :-)) Someday, I'd like to make use of those ways or idea in my miniature. :D

I left the gallery,  I walked to Omotesando. There are a lot of mode and brand shops, for example, BURBERRY, Christian Dior and GUCCI etc. I am not interested them. So, pass!
There are a lot of zelkova trees lines both side of the this avenue. 
This is Omotesando Hills where was opened in 2006. There are over 100 famous brand shops in this building, and also residence. People live in this place are so rich!!
And, I walked to Harajuku. A lot of young people are there, recently, H&M and Forever 21 opened. I went to H&M. Well, I had have some doubt that the quality of clothes, because almost item cheap. I thought the quality and design is not bad than recent UNIQLO. A lot of item are sale, I found two clothes of my taste. But the size expression is not Japanese style. So I couldn't understand my size. I looked for the table of size and the mirror, I found just one small board table in the wide floor ):-( and also... the mirror is just one! in the wide floor. )):-( Unfortunately, one clothes is small to me and other was I didn't understand how to coordinate. I didn't buy nothing after all. If I have an opportunity to visit this city, I will go to this shop again.


Alice said...

Very cool, I want to visit Harajuku someday. I may not have the money to buy anything, but I like looking through the boutiques. :)

tomohachi said...

Yes, ladies must be careful to squander in Harajuku. LOL Harajuku is very funny and exciting city, and people too. Some people wear unique fashion. We could enjoy just looking. :-)

Snowfern said...

i love these glimpses of Japan through your (camera's) eyes ^ ^ let's go shopping! XD

Tiff said...

来月に日本へ行って、 原宿にきっと行きます! 前の旅行は原宿に行って、大好きです。たぶん、東京の中で一番好きな場所です。でも、表参道は高いからあまり好きじゃない。 わたしもBurberryなど興味がありませんだから表参道に行きません。

I'm really excited now! Especially since you said H&M is cheap, I plan to buy a lot from there :).

tomohachi said...

I'd like to go to shopping~! But, sadly, there are not bill in my wallet. X,O

Tiffさんにとって、楽しい日本旅行になりますように!(I hope this travel to Japan is be delightful for you!)
そうですね、表参道は高いですね。(笑)街はきれいですが、庶民(しょみん common people)の私には居心地(いごこち comfortable)があまり良くないです。ははは。

And, Forever 21 is next to H&M. You will be very busy to shopping. ha-ha-ha Have a fun in Japan!