May 15, 2010

My drawing

My drawing return after little exhibition of illustration class of adult education center. 
Wow! Beginner's drawing looks like cool with frame!
Good job! The power of frame! :-D

When I had drew this, I chuckled. Because then I was wearing same her pink turtleneck shirt too. And my hairstyle look like her. (But my hair color is black.)   I was worried if somebody notice about this, I may am laughed!
Fortunately, nobody notice it. It was good!
I never wore pink turtleneck shirt until I finish drawing.

This photo already opened on my blog, but let me open again.
I made this works from an image of the drawing. :)


Lisette said...

That is so cute counterfeit.


Lorraine Escapita said...

Very good with the drawing, it's funny about your shirt! I love the little sculpts you made from the drawing, they are very perfect!

Alice said...

very cute :)

Ascension said...

Las dos me encantan!!!!
besitos ascension

by Sonya Rotella said...

I like the picture you have painted.
It is really like the miniature or the miniature is like the picture!
It is words joke!:-)
They are fantastic!I love pancake.

tomohachi said...

Everyone thank you! Muchisima gracias! :-))