Mar 24, 2011

I will back to normal.

Thank you always for worrying, helping and praying for Japan. A lot of problem are occurring  by earthquake and tsunami. Everyone in all the country already know about radioactivity leaking in nuclear power plant, and there are crimes in the stricken area, thieves come from other city, steal money and goods from uninhabited house and debris, and a lot of relief supplies not supply to all evacuation center yet.

We know the dead and missing people increase day by day, we are depressed. But we hope and believe to survivors are found, because an old woman, 80 years old and her grandson, 16 years old were rescued on the ninth day in collapsed house. It might there are more other survivors.

umm.... I don't like to write about politic on my blog, but just a little. About radioactivity leaking and not supply to all evacuation center etc., I guess that the millions of Japanese people have uneasiness and doubt to governmental correspondence and their works are not smart. For example, they didn't permit to rescue to a part of foreign rescue team by silly reasons. (an episode, foreign doctor don't have Japanese medical license. So the Ministry of Health didn't permit them to do medical care in Japan. ):-( They permitted them now. ) Now Japanese government is the Democratic Party of Japan from last year, they created confusion in Japan since they got government. (besides the Japanese Prime Minister change frequently like a day duty since 2007.) We feel crisis to this government. This government will finish in this year. I hope it.

Now in some stricken area start revive little by little. I grieve for victims and  I will proceed to I always am worried and help for the people have serious.
I switch to better feeling. I guess it's good, because I (We) can help to people in stricken area by contribute, stop buy up and save electricity etc. by I am or we are fine. I will back to normal.
(Some people live in city increase have mental trouble, because are watching to terrible image everyday on TV, they feel worry and empathy.
Oh, I'm OK. I don't have problem. )

Thank you so much for reading, encouraging comments and with your heart for us.

Thanks a million from Japan.


miniacollection said...

Thank you for the news. Reading what you wrote I learnt more things than watching the news on tv.
bon courage!

Poppypatchwork said...

Thank you for keeping up to date with us, it's good to hear how you feel, I think anyone living with your problems would feel the same way, it's a very hard time for you. But we all care and think about all of you and hope things will improve soon.

Les Miniatures de Béatrice said...

Thank you for the news . We think about all of you and wish you "bon courage"

Unknown said...

*nodnod* i'm glad to hear you are alright, it must be tough still. take care.


cockerina said...

oh! Tomoca as I am always happy to hear your good news!
in Italy have sent news on the grandmother and her grandson rescued after 9 days, that good news!
there are probably still people under the rubble, I hope that many of them can be saved!
with regard to the Japanese government, I think it's really absurd not to allow foreign rescue teams, only for bureaucratic reasons, it is a shame!
I wish with all my heart that the situation will be resolved well and soon!
the TV feels that there is much radioactivity in the area, and prohibit use of water and food, because they are contaminated .. how do you eat?
I pray for Japan!
I embrace you!
xxx Caterina

asukasakumo said...

Dear Tomohachi, thank you for the update. Please take care of yourself. I hope to hear more good news from Japan.

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Sending you positive vibes and thoughts...Thank you for keeping us updated about how things are going there for you.

Pei Li

Gill said...

Tomohatchi, I'm unable to take in the scale of what has happened. I have been thinking of you all and send my good wishes for you and everyone in Japan. Gill xx

tomohachi said...

Thank you so much for Japan. I'm sorry, Japan don't have big good news since grandmother and her grandson. But Japan has WILL TO REVIVE and we say "GO FOR IT JAPAN!" We go forward in unison.

It was detected radioactive material in green vegetables, milk and water in four prefectures. Farms in those prefectures can not ship by this problem. They management will change for the worse. The prime minister of Japan said that support and compensate them. (He always just say or make deterioration to things.) Green vegetables and milk don't disappear in the store, Because other farms does not has radioactive material in vegetables and milk are in other prefectures. All stores will change supplier to adjust. Therefore, our food life is no problem now. Thank you for worrying.
About tap water, the government prohibited drink it to babies. Each city hall and ward office serve PET bottle water (500ml X 3 to a baby) to families has baby. Specialist in radioactivity has told radioactive material is a small amount, it's no problem to health and do not nervous about eating.

A lot of volunteers volunteer to help victims. This is very wonderful things, but this volunteers is a part of problem too, now. There are a lot of keep out area in stricken area, nobody enter to there except police and the Self-Defense Force, volunteers can not work there. Therefore, a lot of volunteers visit evacuation center, but there are already enough volunteers. They can not do nothing. And some of these volunteers come individual, not belonged volunteer group or nongovernment organization. They come without knowledge. (I guess this is not all, a part of them) They come without food to themselves and sleeping bag. There are not extra food and fuel for them in each evacuation center. The center can not accept volunteers now.

I read this story on newspaper:
First, volunteer visit to volunteer center in stricken area to take work, register and wait to for long time. Why wait for long time, because already enough volunteers there are. They are tired by waiting before start work.
A volunteer, girl, 18 years old, her work was office work in volunteer center. She said that she don't wanted to do office work, she wanted to help victims directly. She seems she misunderstand volunteer and is mistake for part time job. (I guess there are a lot of people as she.)

Almost evacuation center's staff say already enough volunteers there are, now. It will need a lot of volunteers later certainly, now is early time.

The prime minister appointed one member of the Diet to lead volunteer, the Minister of Volunteer. But we don't hear about her activity. Therefore, occur confusion about supply and demand of volunteer. Of course, I guess nongovernment organization already take action to stricken area, but they will have limit to act. Because it can not contact smooth to each area by confusion of communication, internet and phone can not use yet in some area.

Thank you so much for reading and praying for Japan.

Thanks a million from Japan.

Sans! said...

I had been meaning to come over to see if you are ok. And i am so glad I did . Sorry that it took me so long!

I feel cheered to hear that you are well. And now, the big show in Tokyo. I am so happy to hear that everyone is trying to get back to the swing of things. I look forward to hearing more, Tomoko.