Mar 10, 2011

Cuff bracelet

I have enjoyed net window shopping. :) I found some cuff bracelets on Etsy. Those are simple design, but wonderful! I love it! I had an idea that order it, but almost handmade cuff bracelets are custom-made (put some word customer's favorite). It can not return articles, if the size is not fit on my wrist. So... I decided I make it myself! But, before I start, I studied in the web and book stores (reading at a bookstore) about how to make cuff bracelet by silver, what kind of tools need and how much cost to make.
Fortunately, I could buy cheap metal stamp in Amazon, and I could make three bracelets easily from one silver thin bar. Besides, I already have various tools to make miniature food and dollhouse. I can use them to make cuff bracelet. Anyway, it's economic. :))

This is my first handmade silver cuff bracelet! I oxidized silver cuff.
OK... it has a few problem (second "S" is upside-down :P) but could make good for first time. hehehe  I was uneasiness when I hit words on the silver bar, because it can not failure. It need more practice to good.

I found new hobby. :))) I enjoy to hit the word on the metal or silver. I want to cute design stamp, so I ordered another metal stamp in the web shop of United State. :) I couldn't find cute design metal stamps for metal in Japan. (There are metal stamps for leather. ) Besides, there are not unique alphabet font in Japan, simple only. ):-(  Now, I am worrying to buy unique alphabet font or not. ummm....


Snowfern said...

hehehe it is very simple and pretty! if you hadn't mentioned the upside down letter, i would not have noticed! i hope you are well and unaffected by the earthquakes?

tomohachi said...

Thank you. I'm fine!