Mar 18, 2011


Thank you so much for worrying, helping and praying about Japan. We are grateful for everyone of the world. 

Seventh day have passed from earthquake. Everyday it still quake frequently, but we are feeling sense of quake without quake. It's strange sense. It seems always on the boat,  train or bus. 

Everyone already know Japan has nuclear crisis now. Radioactivity leaked, therefore a lot of inhabitant live within a radius of 30 kilometers of nuclear power plant have to stay indoors, do not out. When they are out, have to protect and care, and within a radius of 20~30 kilometers of the plant have to take refuge from there. This radioactivity is small amount, does not have effects to Saitama and Tokyo at least. If your family, friend and acquaintance live near nuclear power plant in Fukushima, please advice them that listen to news with be careful. 
Relief supplies and oil can not arrive in a lot of stricken area in Fukushima by this accident. Drivers are afraid to radioactivity. And there are trouble by rumor. All area of Fukushima is not danger, just the area of nuclear power plant. But it is said that all area of Fukushima is danger by rumor. The northeastern area of Japan has more crisis. They can not receive enough relief supplies and oil by rumor and close to roads. 15 senior citizen died in a shelter without warm. 
Besides, each center of the city in eastern Japan are making serious cause of lack of relief supplies to stricken area. People buy up food and toilet paper and tissue by sense of crisis to earthquake.  Everyday and always is broadcasted a lot of terrible scenes of stricken area on TV. It make sense of crisis and fear. When I went to some supermarkets, it was empty all shelf of food. It is strange. We bought up, therefore food and paper to use relief supplies for stricken area are lacking. The government announced us please stop buy up, food and paper never lack. 
Disaster affect life of people live in eastern Japan. 

We got news in second day earthquake that a man died in California, he went to the beach to see tsunami.  Please listen if you live in near the beach. Please do not go to beach to see tsunami with curiosity, it's so danger. And when you hear waring about tsunami, please escape to hill  quickly.

There was warning to tsunami, but a part of millions of victims by tsunami in Fukushima and Miyagi didn't escape quickly, they were relax in house, because warning to tsunami always had. Those warning were not serious. Therefore it was their habit. And some people went backed home after tsunami, but tsunami attacked again in the city and a lot of people was dragged into the sea. 
If occurred disaster and if your house have trouble, please don't go back home at once.  

Thank you for reading and I'm sorry that I have wrote just about disaster, but I can not  write about other things now. I want to write about Japan crisis now as a Japanese  citizen and tell to the world. Informations I write get in newspaper, TV news and Internet in domestic. You might already knew a lot of informations on your country's newspaper or TV news, but I write information as a resident of Tokyo city and Japanese citizen. 

Please take care everyone too. I hope your happiness and calm day. 

Thanks a lot from Japan


Kim said...

of course you would write about this! I am glad that you do-it is good for everyone to read and it is good for us to think of this horrible tragedy in a personal way. I still pray every day for Japan ♥

miniacollection said...

Thank you for the information direct from Japan. I can easily understand why you can't talk about anything else.
In France everyday we have longer news on tv about your country and the images are terrifying and dreadful. Of course we all worry about the nuclear disaster.
I'll be waiting for more posts with news.
Take care.

rosanna said...

You have to write about it, you have to share your news and worries. We watch on tv and we cannot understand what's going on if not in small masure, I cannot really imagine what's being in Japan right now. We worry about nuclear disaster and we pray that it wont happen, we pray for your people and for us as well. I send to you ad your fellow citizens all my best wishes although they count so little but they are truly felt. Take care, Rosanna

Lene said...

I hope you will keep on writing about how you feel. It's the best way to come through the disaster. I feel so sorry for all of you that you have to go through this. Try to keep up the good mood.
A wish for better days to come.

LaBelleCuisine Miniaturas / ShabbyParis Dolls said...

Desejo melhores dias para o Japão, diariamente sigo com inquietação o que se passa. O Tsunami foi devastador e impressionante, e agora a ameaça de radioactividade está presente,o povo do Japão não merece.
Que venham melhores dias rapidamente.

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Japan is in our thoughts and prayers...

Ascension said...

Espero que todo vuelva a la normalidad aunque sea poco a poco.
El pueblo Japones se merece que todo se solucione y no sufran mas.
Rezare por todos ellos.
besitos ascension

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

All Japan is in my heart, I am so sad for this terrible disaster. You must write what is in your heart, friends you have never met are thinking of you.

Unknown said...

*nods head slowly* Thank you again for the updates. It is good to hear that you are fine. Take care.

Poppypatchwork said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts from Tokyo, we are still watching and praying for you all. It must be very scary for everyone.

Mari@ said...

We are all with you and with your people. Thank you for sharing what you are living. We are distant but with the heart we are next to all of you.

soledad said...

My thoughts are with you and all the people in Japan.

Lexi Kay said...

I'm glad to hear you are safe and ok. Please keep us updated! You are in my thoughts.