Mar 28, 2011

Miniature again

I start open about miniature again. I have made some miniature food little by little. I must to make a lot of miniature works, because I participate in big miniature show in Tokyo this summer. I have participated in little exhibition on consignment, but this is my first participate in big show. I'm very nervous now (@_@), so my hands have shaken! Calm me! haha
Various events were canceled or restrained this month by influence of earthquake and consideration to victims. But this big miniature show will hold in this summer. And I will make dollhouse for exhibit (this is not for sale. just show.). I'm very busy now.

OK, I explain simply. This is model of Panini. I made this by Fimo soft. Sometimes I use Fimo soft to make model. This is like a steak or hamburger, it looks like delicious. :-9 hehehe

A lot of sandals. No! A lot of panini bread.

Finished! It looks like yummy. :-9 A represent of melted cheese is difficult. 

This is a miniature panini grill, not finish assembly yet. Oh, a cheese of panini on the grill melt too much.

Miniature toasted and sliced bread. There are few different color sliced bread, those are rye bread. I make miniature clubhouse sandwich.

Sliced tomato, cheese, ham and lettuce. Oops! I forgot make omelet! I must to prepare omelet.

Soup cups. There are different picture on both sides of cup.
Cup on the left side: biscuit (circle and square)
Cup on the right side: Smily logo and word "Bon appetit!"
I will open those on close-up after poured soup.

I feel happy to make miniature. I am thankful to this life. 


miniacollection said...

Great miniatures! I'm glad you're back to making miniatures. Nevertheless I guess your life musn't be back to its normal self yet. I'm happy to know that you will attend a big miniature fair this summer. You're going to be very busy...

mr. pineapple man said...

these look so delicious!! wonderful job~

cockerina said...

Tomoca dear! it's nice to see as you slowly return to normal!
thanks for the updated news on Japan, I continue to pray, because after all this, can finally get back the smile to your poor people!
your buns look delicious, I am happy that your hands are working again!
a big hug, Caterina



Me alegro de que participes en el show de Tokyo.



Snowfern said...

so good to see you in a better mood :) love your latest works!! *offers you cup of tea to calm you down* XD XD

by Sonya said...

Welcome back to miniature world!
your job is always wounderful!I love your cups.As you know I love make ceramics and I think yours are great!
Love Love Love from Italy

Ann said...

It looks great! Fabulous job! It is also very helpful to see how other people work too.

tomohachi said...

Thank you so much everyone. Muchisimas gracias todas. I hesitated about start writing about miniature again, but Japan decided to advance to revive and back to usual life. We haven't to keep bad mood forever, and bad mood and thoroughgoing self-restraint will undermine to our spirits and health. Now we, especially victims need good mood and it can help to revive and recover economy. Japan need good mood now.

I understand some people feel indiscretion to my act, but this is tiny power but I'd like to make good mood in Japan by show my miniatures.
Please understand to I start miniature blog again.

66 years ago, Japan was burned field by war, but the then citizen made revive in unison. And there was The South Hyogo Prefecture Earthquake in 1995, and also other prefecture had big earthquake for several years ago. Those prefectures revived perfect now. We have fortitude and the power to revive and recover.

And, it was reported in various countries that the Japanese Islands was contaminated by radioactivity, but Japan was NOT contaminated by radioactivity. Certainly, it's serious situation in nuclear power plant in Fukushima, but please don't have mistaken information.

Thanks a million from Japan.

Minnie Kitchen said...

now I want a panini for lunch!

Anonymous said...

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cecilia colo - Miniaturista said...

Muchas Felicidades , Tus ministuras son maravillosas! lucen realmente perfectas, sería muy mal educada si te pregunto como haces las hojas de lechuga ??

Mucha suerte en tu exposicion y recibe un abrazo y bendiciones desde México.