Apr 16, 2011

Please see

This is second post today. May I introduce about an American man to everyone? His name is Daniel Kahl, 51 years old, he has lived in Japan many years, he is very famous person in Japan, he is TV personality and translator. He speak so fluent Japanese with Yamagata (the northeastern) dialect. He is American, of course, he speak English but he hardly speak English in TV, so we are very surprised when he speak English. lol Because we have his image is Japanese northeastern person.

Japanese people know that it is reported wrong news about earthquake and nuclear power plant in the world. Almost Japanese feel crisis about it. And Daniel Kahl got know it, he determined to report actual situation and ask for don't get wrong news to the world people in English. If you have a few times, please see his message videos "Stop the Hysteria" on YouTube. This video has 7 including Japanese, he speak Japanese in a few video, but there is subtitle in English.

Thanks a lot from Japan.


Sian said...

I'm very glad to hear things are not as bad as the American news is reporting. Japan is a great country and I have a lot of affection for the Japanese people and wish them well. I am so sad to see all the horrible devastation caused by the tsunami and hear about how many people have been killed.

silly said...

hi, this is my first comment in your blog although I read it before ( cause my english is not really good ). I'm really really sad when I heard about the disaster in Japan. I have never been to Japan but I love your country so much. I hope I 'll come there someday and Japan 'll be stronger and stronger after this.

Sans! said...

I have thought the reports all blown out of proportion as well. I am glad you posted this video, Tomoko-san!

RiS said...

Hello! I really like your miniatures. They are all amazing.
(Plus, your English is great too! Minarai tai desu...)

Well, I also heard that some people are terrified or hesitated to go to Japan because of wrong information about radiation and the earthquake. That's why I agree with your action in today's post that we Japanese people should give the correct information and prevent the wrong one spreading.

Thank you very much for showing the video!

tomohachi said...

Thank you so much for seeing this video. I can not report well in English, so I thank for Daniel's work.

Konnichiha! Doumo arigatou gozaimasu. I can not write English without dictionary. (T_T)

Japanese people was shocked at some wrong news that were reported in the world. A few news reported they see to mask to protect from pollinosis or to protect influenza, "Japanese people are using mask to protect from radioactivity." (-_-;) Some foreign reporters reported with hysteria, besides put gas mask on face. I think their act are very rude to stricken area people and make crisis to Japanese export business.