Apr 5, 2011

Clubhouse sandwich and Panini

Clubhouse sandwich and corn soup. I always make hurt in my mouth by crisp bread when eat this, but I like clubhouse sandwich. It's delicious. :-9

Minestrone and panini. Well... both Italian food but logo on the cup is French. lol "Bon appetit" is very famous word in Japan, and we feel the sound "Bon appetit" like cute. :-) I like this word and sound.


May said...

mmmm, muy bonitos

Snowfern said...

your posts always leave me smiling, and this one made me laugh! i have the same problem when eating toasted bread! XD XD XD but it is my favourite food, and these sandwich sets look so warm and inviting! it's torture cos it's bedtime and i'm on a diet! :P :P :P

Ascension said...

Enhorabuena, te han quedado muy reales...fantastico!!!
besitos ascension

Dani said...

Oh how cute! This makes me feel all warm and toasty just looking at it!

by Sonya said...

They looks wounderful and realistic!Great!

Katie said...

Everything looks so yummy! And I love your little dishes!!



Me gustan mucho tus trabajos.


tomohachi said...

Thank you so much everyone! Muchishimas gracias todas! どうもありがとう〜!:))

Sharon Chrystal de Vries said...

Tomohachi I find it hard to believe that the toast is miniature 1;12th scale...It looks so real I can almost smell it. One always knows when someone else makes toast one feels one needs to make some too...How you girls make food is amazing.

Sharon Chrystal